Making and receiving calls

Making Calls

To make calls you'll first need to download and install one of the CloudTalk apps and make sure that your sound settings are correctly configured.  Calling is very similar across the apps however there are some

Desktop Apps

  • Open the app and the dialer will be displayed on the right-hand side of the screen
  • If not currently on the dialer screen, click the keypad icon in the menu on the left
  • Either use the keypad to dial a number or place your cursor in the Enter number area and type using your keyboard
  • Alternatively, you can select the contacts button on the right next to the green call button and select a contact to dial
  • Click the green call button to make the call

Mobile Apps

  • Open the app on your device
  • By default, the activity feed will be displayed - click the keypad icon on the bottom menu to display the dialler
  • Use the keypad to enter a number to dial
  • Alternatively, click the contacts button on the top left to display a list of your contacts
  • Click the green call button to make a call

Answering Calls

Calls can be answered either in the CloudTalk apps, or on any of the forwarding numbers you've configured in your account.

Desktop Apps

For calls to be delivered to the desktop apps, the app must be launched and running on your computer and you must have an internet connection.

  • Incoming calls display a notification with a green answer and red reject button - the app will also display the incoming call along with the answer and reject buttons
  • Click the green answer button to accept a call
  • The audio and microphone used on the call will be as you've configured in your sound settings

Mobile Apps

The apps don't need to be running to receive calls however you do need an internet connection.

  • Calls on iOS will look like a normal phone call but will display "CloudTalk audio" below the caller's number or contact details
  • Calls on Android will launch the app to display details of the incoming calls
  • Click the answer button then speak into your device as you would for a normal phone call

Forwarding Numbers

Based on the settings in your account, calls can be forwarded to external numbers.  When forwarding calls two additional options can be set against the number.

Announce calls - this option will play a message when you answer the call and ask you to press 1 to accept the call.  This is done to prevent calls being picked up by a voicemail system such as your personal voicemail on your mobile.

Present dialled  number  - this option shows the number that has been dialled by the caller and not the number the person is calling from.  This helps you recognise CloudTalk calls separately to other calls received on the forwarding number.