Transferring calls

Transferring Inbound calls

If you receive a call which needs to be transferred to another user in your CloudTalk account, the option to transfer a call appears in the dialler in the apps along with the mute, keypad and sound functions.

  • First, click the Transfer button to display a list of other users in your account
  • Select the user you want to transfer the caller to
  • The user's apps/phone will then ring and you can decide whether you want to speak to them first (attended transfer) or whether to transfer immediately (unattended transfer).

Attended Transfer

If you'd prefer to speak to the user first then simply wait for the user to answer before clicking the transfer button.  If the user is happy to accept the call then press the green Transfer button.  If they don't want to accept the call, or if they don't answer, then press the cancel button to return to the caller.

Unattended Transfer

If you're happy to transfer the caller directly to the other user, then click the green transfer button after hearing the ringing tone.  If the user doesn't answer then their own call settings will decide whether the caller is sent to voicemail or redirected elsewhere.


Transfers can only be carried out for inbound calls.  You can't currently transfer calls if you made the outbound call.